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Rainbow Moonstone 5mm Round Cabochon

SKU: OGW000322
US $ 2.50


Rainbow Moonstone, also known as White Rainbow, comes in different colour shades (called rainbow). Blues and Greens are the best ones. The basic difference which makes our Rainbow Moonstone better is that, we cut & polish them very carefully, so that the rainbow (i.e. the colour) comes on top of the gemstone. Our quality makes Rainbow Moonstone one of our most popular gemstone.  

  • 100% Genuine & Original photos of 5mm Rainbow Moonstone Cabochon
  • Handcrafted each piece
  • Cabochon (flat bottom, domed top)
  • Calibrated +0.2mm to -0.2mm
  • Origin - Many countries
  • Natural Gemstone

If you have a particular choice of shade, colour, etc; please let us know in advance. 

All the products are covered by Outlook Guarantee. In case you need an official certified laboratory report, we can provide you with that for a nominal price per piece.

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