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Our Story

History of Outlook

Honestly, Gemstones & Jewellery is in my blood. I was not even born when my father, Rajeev Dangayach was laying the foundation of our company Outlook World in 1987. He’s the heart of our company. A great jewellery designer, having immense knowledge about gemstones and Silver & Gold Jewellery. He was also interviewed for his contribution to this industry which was published in the reputed Solitaire International Magazine in July 2009. He’s truly a legend.

Children play with toys when they’re little; my toys were gemstones & jewellery. While completing my studies I was also learning gemstones from my father, which gave me professional & also practical skills. My first job was to assort and do grading of gemstone roughs, which is the basic step for maintaining the quality standards of the gemstones produced. Then, I learnt the production of jewellery from raw form to its final wearable form at our Silver & Gold manufacturing unit.

Today, with three key people; me (Sagar), my lovely wife (Daisy) & my dad (Rajeev) are managing this meritorious company.

We thank our customers, for their lasting friendships and an enduring love for us and our company. And we have a great respect for them.

We have launched our website so that it is easier for people to reach us and avail our supreme services from wherever they are.



The most beautiful rocks given by the Mother Earth are the Gemstones. Formed beneath the earth’s surface, imbued with natural wonder, gemstones have long been revered across cultures and the ages. It is impossible to deny the allure of these natural stones, particularly once they are carved and shaped to brilliant perfection.

Since centuries mankind is crazy about the gemstones and its use. History is the proof that Kings, Emperors, all were attracted towards and were fascinated by these natural minerals. Ancient civilizations like Egyptians also strongly believed that colour reflects aspects of our personalities. These natural gemstones have been considered objects of both beauty and veneration from the beginning of human era.

Today at Outlook World, we are doing our level best to shape these natural treasures to high quality gemstones, making them powerfully and mysteriously attractive. Like the facets must be cut at the proper angles, which varies depending on the optical properties of the gem, because if the angles are too steep or too shallow, the light will pass through and not be reflected back towards the viewer.

You have come to the house where there is all in one solution for all your needs related to gemstones & jewellery.

Here at Outlook World, no matter who you are – a retailer or a wholesaler or may be an individual, for us you are a guardian of this Natural Treasure. And we always make our customer feel special and share a close bond with them.  


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