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Jewellery finding is the most important part used to join the jewelry component together. findings are the extras like clasp, beads, and hooks, that help to bring your pieces together. They are generally available in many different metal finishes, including gold tone, silver tone, copper, and more. By these one can form a complete article.

In historical times, every jewelry piece is made by hands and jewelers make components by leftover bits and those leftover components known as findings. They are available in different sizes and styles so, there is always one that suits the design of your jewelry.

If you are a jewelry-making beginner then it can be overwhelming trying to understand what findings you need for your designs. In this guide, we share the most popular jewelry findings which help you in increasing your knowledge about jewelry. You can find many types of Jewellery findings variety of outlook world.

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Different Types of Jewellery Findings at Outlook World

At outlook world, we offer all the jewelry supplies you need. Shop our whole range of jewellery findings in a range of styles. We also provide some custom handmade findings which differentiate your custom jewelry from mass-produced ones. Explore our collection of findings.

  • Clasps: These are some of the most useful findings. They are used to join the two sides of necklace or bracelet designs and you can also choose more designs in clasp like magnetic clasp, toggle clasp, and more.   

  • Bails: These are used to attach stones. There are various styles of bails available including spring bail and more you’ll find when you explore the one which perfectly suits your design.

  • Jump Rings: They are used to join Jewellery components and they are metal loops with cut areas. You can choose open jump rings or you can go for closed ones.  

  • Other Findings: You’ll find out many other findings like earring findings, bolt rings, split rings, collets, chain ends, crimps, and more specialized collections are available at outlook world.

We provide high-quality Jewellery findings in many ongoing designs and styles. You can order online or you can visit us. Take a tour of our site and purchase to experience the best service from us.


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